Sellafield is one of the most complex nuclear plants in the World. Over the next few decades there are critical milestones, particularly in the Retrievals and Decommissioning programmes, which require infrastructure and plant operations to be reliable and fit for purpose. With this in mind we have re-thought our supply chain strategies from scratch and have built an integrated contracting plan to maximise the value of our supplier relationships over this period. The objectives of the strategy are to:

  • Accelerate hazard reduction
  • Create fit-for-purpose assets
  • Allow access to critical resources

Hazard reduction is the primary objective of the Sellafield programme and productive relationships will maximise the effective activity in pursuit of this by minimising the waste caused by inefficient interfaces and conflicts. Although Sellafield is in a period of decommissioning, much of the retrievals activity relies on production plants to receive, treat, package and safely store the material. Many of these assets are yet to be built, and some are in need of refurbishment, but all of them will have to operate effectively. The infrastructure assets are a specific priority with many approaching their design life where key actions need to be taken to ensure that services are delivered reliably. Our programme is dominated by engineering, project management and construction, where skills are in high demand, so there is a clear need to create the environment where the best technical and management people are attracted to work on what is one of Europe’s most challenging and interesting projects.

Download the full overview here: Overarching Acquisition Strategy – Overview