CTM is the tool chosen by Sellafield Ltd to manage the tender and contract management process from creating the tender to closing the contract.

1. Supplier Registration in CTM

This is the first step in the CTM process and must be completed before a supplier can register an interest in any tenders submitted by Sellafield Ltd.

To register your company use the CTM application link below, click on Register Company and complete this online form. The registration process is normally completed the same day and you will be informed by e-mail when your company account is activated.

2. Supplier CTM Company Administrators

When a Company registers in CTM, the person who completes the registration automatically becomes the Administrator for their Company. It is the Company Administrator’s responsibility to maintain user and company information on CTM.

2.1 Maintain user information

To create additional users / administrators.

From the administrator’s CTM home page path is;

Administration>user profiles>create user.

Complete the user details then ‘Save’.

Once users have been created on CTM they can maintain their own user profile including contact information and password, from each user’s CTM home page path is;

User icon>user details.

To delete users / administrators

From the administrator’s CTM home page path is;

Administration >user profiles.

Select the user then delete.

2.2 Maintain Company information

From the administrator’s CTM home page path is;

Administration >Company Administration.

Some of the company information can be changed from this page but if you need to change the original registration information then click on the Edit tab at the bottom of the above page make the changes then Save.

All users, have access to User Guides and a help email from their CTM home page.



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