Sellafield Supply Chain Focus Group (SSCFG) is Sellafield’s top level chain meeting; scheduled bi-monthly, it is chaired by the Commercial Director. Its aim is to lead communication to, and consultation with Sellafield Ltd’s Supply Chain.

The membership is made up of the lead representative of Sellafield Ltd’s various supply chain groups, forums and regional development agencies. The meeting agendas will be varied to cover relevant strategic issues and address the concerns raised by the supply chain representative groups. The Focus Group will always review key Commercial and  Environmental, Health, Safety, Security and Quality performance issues. The Sellafield Ltd Supply Chain Focus Group terms of reference have been established and strategic attendees have been determined.

  • The new group will initially meet once per month with an agenda written to cover key topics and subjects in consultation between Sellafield Ltd, its supply chain, development agencies and stakeholders.
  • Subject to performance a quarterly and annual meeting is also planned to assess:
  • Leadership
  • Social impact
  • Industrial relations
  • EHS&Q performance
  • Acqusition strategy
  • Sellafield Ltd Performance Plan

Terms of Reference

View the Terms of Reference

Sellafield Ltd Supply Chain Focus Group Minutes