We are changing the way we deliver projects

We are changing the way we deliver major projects, with a stronger focus on our supply chain.

We are moving away from individual contracts for delivering one off major projects towards longer term relationships which will deliver a portfolio of major projects. This will be achieved through the Programme and Project Partners (PPP) model.

How will we deliver projects at Sellafield Ltd

We want to bring together four partners (“Lot Partners”) to collaborate with one another and with Sellafield Ltd to deliver the portfolio of major projects that Sellafield Ltd will be expected to deliver under its site licence obligations over the next 20 years.

As part of delivering this portfolio of major projects, we want to use the expertise of these Lot Partners to help improve the outcomes of major projects (e.g. delivery to time and to budget), to help develop its internal delivery capabilities (e.g. design and engineering capability), to bring about site-wide project delivery improvements.

The Lot partners

Each of the four Lot Partners will be appointed to carry out a specific role in that partnership:

Lot 1 – Integration Partner
Lot 2 – Design and Engineering Partner
Lot 3 – Civils Construction Partner
Lot 4 – Process Construction Partner

In the context of the PPP, Sellafield Ltd will have two different and distinct roles: first and foremost, its role as Intelligent Client; and secondly its role as delivery partner, the fifth PPP Partner. Together, the four Lot Partners and Sellafield Ltd (as a fifth PPP Partner, acting in a delivery partner capacity) will constitute the PPP Partnership.

There will be a clear governance structure to support the delivery of the PPP Project and to regulate its relationship with Sellafield Ltd. An outline model is shown below:

The CTM web address is: https://sharedsystems.eu-supply.com/login.asp?B=SELLAFIELD

Watch the presentations given at the PPP Industry Day from our Commercial Director, Martin Chown and Projects Director, Steve Livingstone: