Rebecca-Weston Rebecca Weston, Technical Director

The contractor / supply chain innovation and suggestion scheme

One of the key NDA drivers is to accelerate and reduce the cost of decommissioning through innovation. The NDA recognise that this cannot be delivered by the Tier 1 Contractors alone but requires proactive input from the entire supply chain. As a result the NDA have committed to:-

  • Encourage contractors to be innovative in order to deliver their mission more effectively including improvement in safety, security, environment and socio economic conditions.
  • Ensure good practice is shared between Contractors for the benefit of the UK wide decommissioning and clean up mission.

The NDA recognise the contribution of the supply chain and is constantly looking at “how to best encourage and reward innovative ideas”.  The NDA strategy is that, where appropriate, it will enable IP developed under contract to remain with the contractor where this will encourage further development and exploitation provided it has a royalty free licence to exploit the developed IP across all NDA sites. Sellafield Ltd has recognised the importance of innovation and has a successful suggestion scheme in operation for its own employees. Recognising the very important role that the supply chain can play in improving its business performance through innovation, Sellafield Ltd has been working with the supply chain to develop proposals which will foster innovation via a ‘contractor & supply chain innovation & suggestion scheme’  The developed scheme has been discussed and developed in partnership with sections of the supply chain.

Innovation and suggestions

Call for innovation proposals and suggestions

Sellafield Ltd values the knowledge and experience that lies within the supply chain and academia. As such we are seeking new, novel and emerging technologies and processes to support delivery of the operational and clean up requirements for Sellafield Ltd sites. To discuss technology and innovation enquiries please contact:

Mark Dowson – Business and Technology Manager

E Mail: Telephone: 019467 87944

Andrew Cooney – Supply Chain Innovation

E Mail: Telephone: 01946771084