2014-06-12 Supplier Forum - 094

Stuart Wilson

Supply Chain Ombudsman, Sellafield Ltd
Email: stuart.a.wilson@sellafieldsites.com
Telephone: 019467 81963

The Supply Chain Ombudsman is responsible for a number of Supply Chain development and engagement activities.

The Ombudsman

  • Provides a confidential and unbiased route for the supply chain to raise issues pertaining to Procurement at Sellafield, which will be managed in an open, transparent and equitable manner, making recommendations for improvement where necessary.
  • Promotes the Sellafield Ltd Code of Responsible Business Conduct and Ethics requirements, and helps provide assurance that Sellafield Ltd staff and suppliers act in an ethical manner.
  • Acts as the first point of contact for the supply chain and develops improvements to Sellafield Ltd’s supplier communication and engagement, through existing supplier liaison groups, holding events such as the Supplier Forums, and management of the Supplier area of the Sellafield Ltd web site.
  • Provides an easily accessible “Business Office” holding one to one meetings as requested with suppliers including Copeland and Allerdale Borough Councils, regional and UK SME steering groups and Cumbria County Council.
  • Represents Sellafield Ltd on associated supply chain projects at local, regional and national levels.
  • Encourages new entrants to the market through various means such as publishing the “How to do Business with Sellafield” brochure, holding regular Supplier Forums, and delivering presentations at various events to promote business opportunities.
  • Ongoing development of the Supplier area of the website to provide useful, relevant and timely information for suppliers.

If you have any questions about how to do business with Sellafield Ltd, or have any feedback or suggestions regarding the content of this area of our web site, please contact the Ombudsman


Stuart A Wilson