Steps to procurement – direct opportunities

Sellafield Ltd conducts its procurements in accordance with the EU treaty principles. We do not have a preferred supplier list and we are committed to widely competing our requirements wherever possible. This means that any supplier, be it Tier 2, 3, 4 or SME who meets the stated requirements and criteria of a tender opportunity, can tender if they so wish. This section focuses on those opportunities which are valued above Public Contract Regulation thresholds.

It is strongly recommended that suppliers interested in Sellafield Ltd opportunities register to view these opportunities in more detail through our tender management tool CTM. Opportunities over £10k are also published in Contract Finder. CTM is a simple, secure and efficient means of managing tendering activities and having registered once, suppliers do not need to register again. You can register at

For opportunities Sellafield Ltd uses the most appropriate procurement procedure. Procurements may involve a selection phase and an award phase which will require suppliers to complete a PQQ (Pre Qualification Questionnaire) and an ITT (Invitation to Tender) respectively. The purpose of the PQQ is for prospective bidders to demonstrate their suitability, experience and technical and professional ability to perform the contract; they are an integral part of the suppliers’ assessment process. The selection process may differ depending on the type, value, risk and complexity of the contract. The PQQ document is available via CTM. The steps for submitting a PQQ is detailed at the relevant opportunity link.

Be aware, you must answer all the questions set in the PQQ and press the SUBMIT button.

PQQ submissions are evaluated to ensure they meet Sellafield Ltd requirements from a health and safety, quality, economic and financial capacity, governance matters and technical ability. Sellafield Ltd will use selection criteria appropriate to the size and nature of the contract and its associated risks.

Companies that meet the necessary minimum standards will be considered for that specific Sellafield Ltd procurement opportunity. Sellafield Ltd uses objective rules and criteria to shortlist the companies.

Sellafield Ltd will invite companies who pass the PQQ to submit a tender.

For single stage procurements (open procedure) suppliers are required to complete selection criteria and award criteria concurrently. Sellafield Ltd will assess award submissions from all suppliers who meet the minimum selection criteria as set out in the ITT.

If you are invited to submit a tender you will be provided with the tender documents which will include submission requirements and associated timelines. This is managed through CTM.

Be aware, you must answer all the questions set in the ITT and press the SUBMIT button.

The evaluation process will be transparent and treat all tenderers equally and in a non-discriminatory way. All ITTs will be evaluated against pre-determined award criteria. Details of all criteria, sub criteria and weightings will be provided within the documentation along with an evaluation methodology to help bidders in developing their tenders.

Upon determination of the contract award and prior to the execution of the framework or contract, standstill letters will be issued to both the successful and unsuccessful bidders, strictly in accordance with PCR procurement regulations. The standstill letter will be communicated through CTM. The standstill letter provides feedback to the bidder.


The Supplier Area of the Website

The Supplier area of our website is dedicated to providing our suppliers, both new and existing with relevant information.  It provides an overview of direct Sellafield Ltd commercial opportunities, upcoming procurements with planned timescales, details of current suppliers where you could potentially win sub contract work, specific information on projects and framework contracts that are held by our direct suppliers as well as useful communication updates and our supplier events calendar.

In addition, there are also useful links to other organisations and stakeholders that we collaboratively work with and support.

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the suppliers area of the website – it is continually being updated with useful information, and is a good starting point to answer any initial queries that you may have about working with Sellafield Ltd or its current suppliers.

Please note, under EU procurement laws Sellafield Ltd does not have a preferred suppliers list of companies and as such uses competition and evaluation to provide the best value for money to HM Government.

How We Do Business:

We do not have “preferred supplier” lists, and we run open competition for the vast majority of work that we let and the supplies that are required. This means that any supplier, be it tier 2, 3, 4 or SME who meets the stated requirements and criteria of a tender opportunity, can tender if they so wish. Sellafield Ltd have been “bundling” many of the procurement requirements, and letting more contracts and frameworks, however opportunities are always available in supporting Sellafield Ltd directly or via the sub contract route through existing companies who have been successful in tendering and have been awarded contracts and frameworks.